Our work commences as soon as you place your order. The transfer of the edited content is the first step. It is important that the text and image files are named logically and are formatted according to the text modules (italic, title,....) Also any comments in the text, for example any markings of image positions must also be flagged up as such, e.g. through colours.

We then analyse the provided content. If everything is clear and understandable we will set- up a meeting with you. During this meeting the client and the Autobook-designer will discuss how the content is best displayed and realised by the Autobook-system. Together the most suitable option will be decided upon and noted. After this the Autobook-designer creates a draft based upon the choices made. It will include sample pages that show different categories of content along with an overview and explanation of the structure of the book. This draft will be presented to the client for assessment and any desired changes will can made accordingly.

If there are images present in the book, the client and Autobook-designer will discuss the possible need for image editing. If this is the case, the images files will be transferred to the Iimage editor along with agreed upon instruction from the client and Autobook-designer. In some cases it is also necessary for the client and Autobook-designer to be present during the image editing process.

The first complete draft of the book, a PDF with all incorporated content, will be given to the client for proof-reading. At this stage there is an opportunity to adjust the printing quote if necessary (e.g an increase in page numbers.) After finalising any corrections with the client, the image proofs can be released and the book can be sent to print.