You can write to us or call us if you have questions. If you are interested in commissioning an Autobook, we can arrange for an informal consultation. Our office is based in Berlin- Neukölln. In order for us to be able to prepare for our meeting we require the following information:

– type of book

– amount of text
- type of text (index, interview, ...)

– languages
- translation
– number of images
– type of images (illustrations, photos, ...)
– colour or black and white
– image quality

– image editing

– publisher

– editor, proof-reader

– dates

– budget

At our offices we will discuss the the Autobook system and the content of your book with you. Together we will look at any material you bring; while offering you the chance to view and handle physical examples of our Autobooks. At this point we often make initial suggestions on the realisation of your book through the Autobook system, and answer important questions such as ‘what one of the three formats would be best suited for you?’

This meeting is scheduled to offer you the chance to have your questions answered. After this meeting you should have all the necessary information needed to help you decide if Autobook is the correct choice for your book.

Telephone + 49 (0)30 814 936 63