Everyone who commissions us to design their book can expect the same predefined set of conditions and possibilities. This is not just a socio-political statement. These universal design principles with their restrictions also changes the development process involved in book design.

Instead of bowing to the pressure of the mega trend "individualism" and dealing with issues of style, coolness and belonging, the client and Autobook-designer can instead use their time to focus on the content of the book. Without being preoccupied with the pressure of producing the 100% sellable book, the content can be allowed to dictate how it will be read and displayed within the Autobook-system. Within this system or restriction there are many possibilities. Autobook is therefore suitable for all who have something to say.

The Autobook system is not an automated process: the visualisation of an idea and content of a book requires a book designer’s experience, found with our Autobook-typesetters. We work closely with our clients, offering them advice and accompanying them through out the entire process; right up until the final delivery of the book.