50,00 Euro Autobook-Design-Licence

The licence is valid for one publication in the Autobook-system.

15–25 Euro / page (depending on complexity of the content)
Input of content, text and images into the Autobook-system. Including data validation, typesetting, final art work and a singular right of use.

1,00 euro per correction prior to plot
Costs are only incurred here should the correction be due to the fault of the client. A typesetting error correction, e.g. an incorrect hyphenation, does not incur additional costs.

2,50 euro per replaced page, corrections according to plot.
Here costs are only incurred if a page is replaced after the return of the blueprint from the printer and the corrections are the due to the fault of the client. Additional print costs could be incurred.

7,00 euros per image, image editing
This price covers standard image editing. It includes contrast enhancement, colour cast removal and conversion to the corresponding print profile. Partial colour corrections, silhouetting and retouching are charged at 75,00 euros per hour depending on workload.

50,00 euro per DIN A2-proof
Creation of proof file and PDF and proofing.

Each Autobook is priced independently.

Additional information
All prices are net prices and subject to additional VAT. Third-party services such as publishing work, distribution, editing, proofreading, translation, photography, image editing, illustrations and onsite print supervision are not included. Additional services are charged separately and are available upon request.