6,50€/m2-Apartment: Modified for HOW SOON IS NOW and based on the „housing subsidy provisions in Berlin in 2014 (WFB 2014)“, VierRichtungsModulDiagonal (FourDirectionalModuleDiagonal) is created through a volume of rope tensions by Brandlhuber+. The provisions of 2014 stipulated a flat module of 56.5 square meters. For the exhibition, the modules are turned against one another, so that they cross not perpendicularly, but diagonally, juxtaposed independently of the orientation of the plot itself. The „¬6,50/m2- Apartment“ illuminates the possibilities of an architecturally-challenging living and working space within a small space on two floors, for the rental price of a mere €6.50 per square meters. The principle was developed as a tool for sustainable construction.